Olyfkrans College follows the CAPS curriculum of the National Department of Education. Selective adaptations to the curriculum are made at times to accommodate learners' individual needs. This is only done with the approval of subject advisors of the department.

The classes at Olyfkrans College range from Grade 7 - 9. A passionate and dedicated staff assists learners on a daily basis to achieve their goals. Constant intervention, guidance and support motivate learners so that they can achieve their goals. A structured teaching environment and supervised afternoon studies assist learners in remaining focused and enables them to cope better with the demands and pressure of the curriculum.

Self Study

Learners are assisted in various ways such as:

  1. Exam and test preparation
  2. The planning and successful completion of formal assessment tasks
  3. Teaching better organizational skills
  4. Teaching learners the skills to read and interpret instructions more successfully or providing them with the necessary assistance if this cannot be reached on their own
  5. Repetition of work to ensure a good understanding
  6. Careful monitoring of academic achievements and challenges posed by the curriculum
  7. Integration of school work and the world we live in

From grade 10-12 learners choose their subjects according to the list:

Any 3 of the following selective subjects:

  1. Tourism
  2. Business Studies
  3. Geography
  4. Computer Applications Technology

German Second Additional Language (this must be taken as an additional 8th subject as not all learners are on the required level). Any learner may request to take German on a beginner’s level. Only learners who take it on Second Additional level will be able to write the NCS exam at the end of grade 12.


The Grade 12 learners are prepared for the Western Cape Education Department senior certificate exam with the aim to give the learners the opportunity to continue further tertiary education. These qualifications are also accepted internationally.

Self Study

The School acts as an official Examination Centre for the University of South Africa, North West University and Tshwane University of Technology.


GRADE 7-9:

The final promotion mark consists of a 40% year mark and the final end of year examination will be 60%.

GRADE 10-12:

The final promotion marked consists of a 25% year mark and the final end of year examination will be 75%.

Learners may achieve a Code 1 (0-29%) for one subject only. (Except for the Home Language)

Please note that certain condonations such as the age cohort or the number of years in a phase will only be done at the discretion of the educators once discussed with the department officials. Parents will be advised of any such decision. Decisions are always based on the child’s best interest. This is only relevant until the end of grade 11.