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Olyfkrans College is ranked amongst the most excelling primary and secondary schools in South Africa.

Our boys are offered a remedial and individualized tuition in order to overcome sub-performance due to eventual specific learning problems or to the lack of a supportive environment. They will leave school with confidence and an innovative approach to life.

Since 1964 Olyfkrans is offering 7/7 days boarding school facilities at affordable school fees.

    Our Mission

  • to provide an individualized program of remedial and individual tuition
    for students

  • to provide dual-medium education taking cognizance of the cultural and religious background of pupils so as not to alienate them from their own milieu and cultural group

  • to create a homely and caring atmosphere in both the classroom and in the dormitories

  • to follow a well structured program in an informal manner, but with firm discipline based upon sound educational principles. Hence students experience the satisfaction of a task well executed


School Profile

Olyfkrans College offers remedial, individual tuition to students who struggle to cope in mainstream schools. Sometimes the task of just having to keep up with the rest of the class needs so much effort, that there is not much time for essential recreation and play. The teachers support and guide each student in such a way that they gain confidence and motivation to do their schoolwork. Today parents are usually to busy themselves to help with homework, projects or tasks. The school takes care of all their academic needs and the parents can then spend quality time with their children knowing that they have been given all the scholastic support possible.

The students are prepared for the Western Cape Education Department Senior Certificate exam, with the aim to give students the opportunity to continue with further tertiary training at colleges and Technikon. These qualifications are also accepted internationally. Our classes range from Grade 7 12.


Olyfkrans College is a member of the Western Cape Schools Network and the Western Cape Education Department. For the latter it acts also as Official Examination Centre for UNISA and TSA.


If you want the best for your child then Olyfkrans College is the school to contact. This very special school has become famous over the years due to its very successful holistic approach towards its students. The school caters for learners who - for various reasons - are uncomfortable in the large classes of mainstream schools or who are struggling academically.


Our 7-day boarding facilities (boys only) provide us with the time and infrastructure to focus on building self-esteem, teach them the necessary study methods and lay a solid foundation so that they can become independent adults. The development of the whole child is very important to us and the outdoor life, camping & fishing trips are necessary to develop skills often not focused on when in a city, or when having busy working parents.


The learners get the opportunity to experience adventure, nature and social group interaction. They can swim in the forestry dam, or build huts using the relevant tools. The school Ecology Centre situated at the foot of the Langeberg Mountain Range also serves as an interesting learning environment. Under supervision the learners can stay overnight here and cook their own food in the open. All theses opportunities teach them skills on how to enjoy their natural environment and develop their physical strength and common sense.


Olyfkrans College is a definite option for the youngsters from the city. Students get the opportunity to play again and be children at the same time as receiving excellent academic support and tuition. This is an ongoing necessary and important process needed in the lives of all youngsters.


Students from all over the world and countries attend the school. To them Olyfkrans College becomes a second home, which provides the security and structure needed. Our mission will always be to provide quality education, without neglecting the development of the student.


We commit ourselves to excellence at all times. The School is unique and caters for the individual, realising the students true potential.

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